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Dr.  Brett  Stoltz
School Psychologist

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Curriculum Vitae

Brett M. Stoltz, Ph.D.




Work Address:

200 South Florida Ave

Wauchula, FL 33873




Tel: (863) 773-2600 ext. 260




1997 - 2006

State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, New York

M.A. in Clinical Psychology: May 2002

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology: December 2006

Advisors: Janet E. Fischel, Ph.D.

                Grover J. Whitehurst, Ph.D.  (on leave)


1993 - 1997

Florida State University,Tallahassee, Florida

B.S. in Psychology:  May 1997, Summa Cum Laude

Minor in Child Development (Dept. of Family and Child Sciences)






Licensed Psychologist

State of Florida

PY 8004


Clinical Internship


2003 - 2004

Mailman Center for Child Development, Miami, Florida

Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology Intern


Clinical Postdoctoral Fellowship


Hillsborough County Public Schools, Tampa, Florida

Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow




Clinical/Work Experience


School Psychologist

Hardee County Public Schools

Teresa Hall, Exceptional Student Education Director


January 2010

- Present

Provides counseling services to address a variety of emotional, behavioral, and other school based problems. Conducts student observations and consults with school staff to better manage student behavior. Participates, as a member of the Problem Solving/Response to Intervention team, in identifying students with academic and/or behavioral concerns and planning and monitoring interventions to address these concerns. Conducts psychoeducational evaluations to assist in determining eligibility for ESE services. Participates in ESE staffing meetings to determine eligibility, make placement decisions, and plan educational interventions.



Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow

Hillsborough County Public Schools

Marcia Pita, Ph.D., Director, Clinical Psychology Training Program


September 2007

- August 2009

Worked with students ranging in age from three- to sixteen-years old who were classified as having Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities. Conducted individual and group therapy to address a variety of emotional and school based problems. Worked with teachers and parents to better manage student’s behavior. Participated in individualized education plan and staffing meetings to determine appropriate placement and needed services. Conducted psychoeducational evaluations to provide information to make placement decisions.



Psychology Intern, Mailman Center for Child Development

University of Miami, Department of Pediatrics

Catherine Grus, Ph.D., Director of Intern Training


September 2003 - August 2004

Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic

Worked with a physician and pediatric residents to diagnose and treat a variety of common childhood behavioral problems, including Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Enuresis, and Developmental Delay.


September 2003 - August 2004

Assessment Clinic

Conducted psychological, psycho-educational, and psycho-neurological assessments with a diverse population of preschool and elementary school children.


September 2003 - February 2004

Head Start

Worked with children and teachers in Head Start classrooms to manage disruptive behavior. Worked with these children’s parents to provide more effective parenting strategies. Conducted individual language stimulation therapy, using the Dialogic Reading Program and adapting it to play situations.


September 2003 - February 2004

Pulmonary Clinic

Worked with children and adolescents with asthma and chronic lung disease on issues centering on compliance with medical regimens, coping with the demands of the disease, and other psycho-social issues involved with chronic illness.


March 2004

- August 2004

Early Intervention Clinic/Early Steps Clinic

Conducted developmental assessments of infants and children exposed to multiple medical and socio-economic risk factors. Provided parent feedback on children’s developmental strengths and weaknesses.


March 2004

- August 2004

Adolescent Medicine Clinic

Treated adolescents and families of adolescents who received their medical care from physicians in the Chronic Illness Clinic in the Division of Adolescent Medicine for common behavioral, social, and emotional problems.


Staff Therapist, Psychological Center

SUNY Stony Brook, Department of Psychology

Wendy B. Doret, Ph.D., Director


September 1998 - August 2003


Provided psychological services to community residents on an outpatient basis. This included child, adolescent, adult, and family therapy using primarily cognitive-behavioral approaches.  Also consulted with teachers and psychiatrists.  Utilized standardized assessment measures as well as behavioral techniques to guide and evaluate treatment.


September 1997 - August 2003

Psychoeducational Testing                                                                      

Administered psychoeducational assessment batteries to children including report writing. Referral questions concerned: learning disabilities, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and gifted/talented programs.


Supervisors:  Thomas D’Zurilla, Ph.D., Susan O’Leary, Ph.D., K. Daniel O’Leary, Ph.D., Robert Liebert, Ph.D., Tricia Conrod, Ph.D., and Wendy Doret, Ph.D.


Stony Brook Reading and Language Project

SUNY at Stony Brook

Janet E. Fischel, Ph.D., Director

Grover J. Whitehurst, Ph.D., Former Director


September 1997 – June 2000

Longitudinal Follow-up of Former Head Start Children

Conducted approximately 160 extensive assessments of the language and literacy skills of former Head Start children being followed-up into the fifth grade. Also trained approximately 10 graduate student testers, for this project, in the administration of psychoeducational tests for assessment purposes.


August 2001

- June 2003

Long Island Head Start

Conducted assessments of pre-literacy skills in children from participating Head Start Centers throughout Long Island in the context of a grant designed to assess the effects of 3 different reading curriculums on the literacy and language skills of low-income children.  Also conducted extensive parent interviews.




A Parent-Guided Early Reading Intervention

Conducted assessments of reading and language skills of children in the second grade participating in a study evaluating the effectiveness of a parent-guided reading intervention. Also trained parents to provide the intervention in the home.


Three Village Central School District


April 1999

– April 2002

Intellectually Gifted Program

Administered WISC-III tests to 31 children being considered for the Intellectually Gifted Program.




University Preschool

SUNY at Stony Brook


January 1999

- June 2003

Served as behavioral consultant initially as an assigned position then later as a volunteer.  The preschool attracts children from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  Consulted with teachers and worked directly with children experiencing common behavioral and emotional problems in this age group.


Florida State University

Department of Psychology


1995 - 1997

While conducting an independent honor’s research project tested children in Tallahassee area Head Start Centers and publicly subsidized day care centers on a battery of language and pre-reading measures.  Administered and supervised research assistants in administering an early language and literacy intervention.  Also participated in the data collection of a large longitudinal project that involved testing a sample of middle-income preschool children on measures of language and pre-reading skills.


Teaching Experience


Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Department of Psychology

Argosy University


Fall 2008

Research Methods

Spring 2009

Developmental Psychology



Department of Psychology

SUNY at Stony Brook


Spring 2001

Undergraduate Research Methods Practicum:  Writing in Psychology

Summer 2001 


Behavior Deviations in Childhood (Developmental Psychopathology)                       

Teaching Assistant

Department of Psychology

SUNY at Stony Brook


Fall 1997

Survey in Developmental Psychology

Spring 1997

Behavior Deviations in Childhood

Fall 2000

History and Systems of Psychology


Teaching Assistant/Substantial Directed Instruction

Department of Psychology

SUNY at Stony Brook

SDI Duties:  Prepare and deliver four to six lectures during the course of the semester


Fall 1998

Introduction to Psychology

Fall 1999

Survey in Developmental Psychology


Teaching Interests: Developmental psychology, developmental psychopathology, child and adolescent development, abnormal/ clinical psychology, and introduction to psychology.


Research Experience


Doctoral Dissertation: A Parent-Guided Early Reading Intervention


Designed and evaluated a parent-guided reading intervention for children who were having difficulty reading in the second grade. 


Master’s Thesis: An Examination of Parent-Child Interactions During Book Reading


Examined the strategies parents use naturally to help early readers at difficult points of text or pronunciation. 


Evidence-based Emergent Literacy Approaches for Head Start


Assisted in conducting an extensive program evaluation to determine the efficacy and effectiveness of different curricular approaches for emergent literacy skills in the context of Head Start.


Dynamic Assessment of Emergent Literacy Skills in Head Start


Assisted in the development and assessment of a teacher-administered dynamic assessment intervention program targeting emergent literacy skills of Head Start children.


Public Library Association: Early Literacy Initiative


Designed parent programs to be utilized nationally by public libraries to increase awareness of the importance of promoting literacy development in young children from birth through age four.


Publications and Conference Presentations



Stoltz, B. & Fischel, J.E. (2003). Evidence for different parent-child strategies while reading. Journal of Research in Reading, 26, 287-294 .



Stoltz, B.M., Shaller, G.E., & Storch, S.A. (2003). A Further Examination of Parent-Child Interactions During Book Reading. Poster presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Tampa, FL.



Fischel, J.E., Storch, S.A., Spira, E.G., Stoltz, B., & Shaller, G.E. (2002). Evidence-based Emergent Literacy Approaches for Head Start. Poster presented at the Fifth National Head Start Research Conference, Washington, DC.



Stoltz, B. (2001). An Examination of Parent-Child Interactions During Book Reading. Poster presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Minneapolis, MN.



Stoltz, B. (1999). Comparing Parent and Child Reports of Parental Helping Behavior. Poster presented at the biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Albuquerque, NM.